Terms & Conditions

Vehicle Transport

  1.   Service must be paid for in full upon completion of delivery of vehicle unless:
        1a. Vehicle Recovery - Must be paid for at the point of uplift
        1b. If not present (or cannot be for whatever reason) at delivery point - Must be paid for up front or on a 50/50 basis or as                          agreed at the time of job acceptance.

  2.  Vehicles must roll freely (i.e. No sticking brakes etc) and must be able to be steered to aid loading. Vehicle will not be accepted            for loading if any kind of dragging is deemed by me to be necessary.
       It is the responsiblity of the person contracting the service to make sure that this condition is met even if on-site inspection has          not been made in the case of vehicle purchase. (i.e online)
       Failure to establish confirmation of this causing subsequent abandonment of job will make you liable for 50% of the job cost.

  3.  No mechanical intervention shall be expected or performed, unless made aware and agreed beforehand, in order to make the          vehicle suitable for uplift.

Vehicle Sales

  1.  All vehicles are sold on an 'sold as seen' basis with no warranties offered or implied.  It is incumbent on the purchaser to satisfy          themself that the vehicle is of an acceptable standard, both mechanically and cosmetically.

  2.  Although every effort to establish correct mileage is showing on odometer, JMG Autos will not be held liable for any inaccuracies        that may be discovered after purchase.

  3.  All vehicles are Data checked at time of sourcing to ensure they are neither a previous insurance write off, are subject to                      outstanding finance or of any interest to the police. VIN numbers are also verified wherever possible. I do recommend however,        that independant data checks are performed to satisfy yourself of the vehicles legitimacy.  I will always be happy to show you              the data check results that I have had done.

  4.  Any vehicles that have been categorised by an insurance company following a damage claim will be clearly stated on the advert          offering it for sale.