Privacy Policy

JMG Autos & Vehicle Transport

  1.   No data of any kind is stored on the website beyond that already owned by JMG Autos

  2.   Any customer data held on my computer equipment used for business purposes is held in encrypted form.

  3.   Any backup copies are held on Offline HDD's, not accessable to any third party via network means.

  4.   No customer data is sold or relayed to any third party what-so-ever.

  5.   In the case of payment via bank transfer or payment card method, no information is collected or held in respect of such details           that could cause future financial compromise to you the customer.

  6.   All email communiction is also held in encrypted form on my equipment, however no liability shall be accepted for any such                information that is held on the servers maintained by the email host provider.

  7.   Where SMS type communication exists on any mobile device used by me for business purposes, those devices are passcode               protected with any backups made also held in encrypted form or offline as stated above.

  8.   Should any such device become compromised or lost, I have the ability to remotely erase the device.